This filtered down to the nails, too; Sophy Robson created houndstooth printed transfers placed over custom-blended electric blue or bright pink polish – here’s how to get the look: 1. Firstly file nails so they’re all equal in length with a rounded edge. 2. Apply the base colour – choose a lighter base colour like The Heiress or All About Me. Apply two coats of colour over Under Cover Base […]


I really thought I was above binge shopping. But on a recent trip to Target, the women’s clothing section quickly pulled me in with trendy pastels, $19 dresses. The moments clawing through racks under fluorescent lights are a blur — but unfortunately, the resulting bright purple shorts are all too real. They remain at the bottom of my closet, a (literally) uncomfortable reminder of the irresistible pull of cheap fashion. […]

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Day by day, the majority of us have a painful war with ourselves. It is a constant fight that includes constant criticism, pressure, anger, sadness and endless cruel comparisons. It is an everyday struggle that gets in the way and keeps you from seeing yourself for who you really are and achieving your true purposes in life. Where did this war begin and why? The answer to that question can […]